Highest quality, lowest costs and stronger customer ties

The food industry is developing in a dynamic manner. This is why, in addition to a high degree of production efficiency, a filling system in the food industry must also offer a lot of flexibility, so that manufacturers can promptly react to current developments in a cost-efficient manner.

Regardless whether you are filling aromatic substances, greases, beverages, oils or aggregates - liquid and pasty products can be filled in a fast, safe, clean and gentle manner and placed in non-perishable storage. For more than 40 years, Feige FILLING has been a leading name in the filling of food products.

Our systems can be used for filling in accordance with existing hygiene standards either conventionally or in accordance with the EU bio standard. Upon request, Feige FILLING will supply you with a complete system from one source: Filling, closing, labelling, carton packaging, palletising, storing, dispatch and logistics.

Your benefits

  • You benefit from reduced filling and logistic times
  • Your filling processes are faster and your customers more satisfied
  • You achieve a higher added value due to automation
  • You reduce your costs for filling and logistics
  • You achieve a higher profit / an improved operating result