Calibration and initial verification by the manufacturer

Make use of our know-how

You need support with preparing for the calibration and someone to accompany the calibration according to the respective national calibration regulations? No problem!
Feige checks and optimises the weigh scale and its settings for verification by the calibration authority and accompanies the test. This is why our manufacturer's verification guarantees an exactly defined measuring accuracy within the scope of the permissible calibration tolerance according to legal specifications (OIML R61 or 2014/32/EU). To ensure you weigh in compliance with the directives and do not waste any of your precious product!

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Your benefits at a glance

  • You are filling with certified accuracy.
  • You do not have to observe any waiting periods between setup and calibration.
  • You immediately start filling.
  • You make use of our comprehensive support from one source.
  • Calibration of returned used systems

Even for retrofits or new systems

We perform the conformity assessment of the weigh scale, formerly known as initial verification, directly following the commissioning of your new system. You do not lose any precious time between setup and initial verification and can immediately start filling. For immediate turnover.

In specific cases, the weighing technology of your existing systems must undergo an initial verification: This is the case if you upgrade the weigh scale to the current version or if you return a used machine to the EU. You can also count on us then!

A statutory periodic calibration of your weigh scale is coming up? In preparation for this, we will service your system, make it fit for the calibration and, if you wish, even accompany the entire calibration process. To spare you any nasty surprises.

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