Efficient solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry

Companies operating in the world of the chemicals industry face a number of challenges that need to be overcome. Rising energy costs, ensuring a reliable energy supply, maintaining the competitiveness and converting to a sustainable, low-emission production - the demands are varied and challenging. We also know the complex challenges posed in warehousing and ensuring compliance with stringent safety guidelines. 

Feige FILLING understands these challenges and is with you all the way. Our focus is on offering tailor-made solutions that assist you in mastering challenges and at the same time optimise your production processes.

Chemical industry

Today, packaging is as versatile as its contents. However, some of these contents are very challenging during the filling process, either because of their high viscosity, foam generation, flammability or explosiveness. Filling systems from Feige FILLING must therefore overcome special challenges, which includes compliance with the ATEX Directive. This directive stipulates the standards for the construction and operation of machines and systems in potentially explosive atmospheres. Safety and environmental protection are paramount in this regard. 

Our components are made from sturdy materials such as stainless steel, Hastelloy, Teflon or PTFE. FEIGE torque monitoring guarantees a reliable closing of the containers. Data link and drum tracking have long since become routine for us. After all, we live in the age of Industrie 4.0. 

Chemical industry ATEX Chemical industry ATEX Chemical industry ATEX
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Petrochemical industry

The challenge in the petrochemical industry is to increase the performance of the entire process, ranging from dosing, weighing, filling to closing. A multitude of substances such as additives, lubricants, fuels and asphalt products are often processed in the same system. This is why we offer fully automated system concepts, optimised in terms of operation, maintenance and space and thus ensuring a high degree of operating efficiency. 

Our fully automatic packaging lines enable you to process bottles, cans, pails, drums or IBCs, from empty container feed to palletising. At the same time, the most stringent safety guidelines are observed to contribute to the optimisation of your value-added chain. The consistent monitoring and documentation of the closure guarantee safety along the entire logistic chain and make for a smooth and high-quality packaging process.

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Our solutions comprise

Safety and compliance with standards

We know that safety takes top priority. We offer you:


  • Solutions that conform with stringent safety standards, including ATEX requirements and hygiene standards. Whether you are processing sensitive products with explosive, highly viscous or foaming properties, we provide you with solutions that guarantee the highest degree of safety.

Warehousing and complex tasks

We know the different requirements. We offer you: 


  • Solutions that aim at managing complex tasks in warehousing.
  • Ideal system concepts for processing various products in one system to optimise your warehousing and avoid bottlenecks.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

We support you in converting to a sustainable production by the use of new energy-saving components and technologies. We offer you:


  • Solutions that help you reduce your energy costs and at the same time reduce the environmental impact.

Efficient processing and filling

Our automated filling solutions enable you to process different products safely and efficiently. We offer you:


  • Fully automatic and reliable solutions for processing large batch sizes.  In this way, you can maximise your production capacities and at the same time save time and resources.
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Products with varying flow properties and viscosity

Different materials require individual solutions. We offer you:


  • Solutions for products with diverse flow properties and viscosities to guarantee optimum processing.
  • Solutions characterised by high filling accuracy and compliance with stringent safety guidelines.

Your benefits

  • You achieve a high return on investment

  • You optimise your system performance

  • You implement your orders with excellence

  • You consume less energy

Which container do you use?

Depending on the container you use, we have the right machine for you.

Turnkey - everything from one source

We take on your planning!

You are planning an overall concept around filling?

For more than 50 years, we have been building turnkey, fully automatic packaging lines for a diverse range of industries. With FEIGE FACTORY DESIGN you can take a look at your new system inside your own filling hall already before its implementation. High-quality visualisation and animation technology sees you through the entire planning phase.

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