We play it safe

The safety of machinery is a very important and challenging topic.

We consistently accompany routine safety inspections, thus ensuring that your systems always remain up-to-date! We make sure your equipment is in the best possible condition – for the greatest possible safety of your employees and a minimum of wear of your operational resources.

Safety Engineering + Explosion Protection

With these services we provide for safe and reliable machines and guarantee your employees are protected at all times:

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  • Consulting with regard to machine safety

  • Safety inspection

  • Risk assessments

  • Periodic inspections in respect of national regulations

  • Consulting with regard to explosion protection

  • Training courses

  • Safety

Do you keep an eye on the fact whether your team members are exposed to unwanted noise that impairs their ability to concentrate, interferes with their work or even has a detrimental effect on their health? A professional noise protection analysis helps you uncover what you may not have been aware of!

With the aid of top class high-precision calibrated sound level meters we are able to determine the acoustic status of your machines and systems directly at your premises. Our measurements are strictly performed according to the latest standards and guidelines, among others the well-known standards EN 9614-2 and EN ISO 11203.

Versatile scopes of application of sound measurements:

  • Recording of emission data in connection with machines and systems (sound radiation)

  • Determination of sound pressure and sound power levels

  • Recording of immission data in connection with machines and systems (sound exposure)

  • Frequency analysis for the assessment of sound characteristics (12.5 Hz - 20 kHz)

The result:

Clear facts to be considered to optimise your team’s well-being and to derive suitable noise protection measures. You can also use the recorded noise protection measurement data as documented proof on which to base your risk assessment.


Safety Engineering

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