Why Feige FILLING?

Become part of our extraordinary team that counts on trust, collaboration and innovation. At our company, you will not only find diverse fields of work and advanced training opportunities, but also a work environment that is characterised by mutual appreciation, reliability and consistency.

We invite you to join us and jointly shape a future that is characterised by solidarity and success. Read on to learn more about why Feige FILLING is such an outstanding employer!

Benefits Feige FILLING Benefits Feige FILLING Benefits Feige FILLING

Why should you join our company?

We provide you with 10 good reasons:

family culture family culture family culture

1. Familiar work culture

At Feige FILLING, collaboration takes priority. We believe in the power of together and that we are able to achieve more if we join forces. This is why we attach great importance to mutually support each other and to act as a team. This close-knit solidarity is mirrored by our relationship with our parent company. This strong connection enables us to offer our customers even better products and services and to meet their needs even more fully. Our collaboration is the key to our success and we are proud to be part of this team.

2. Fairness and respect

At Feige FILLING, we promote a culture of flat hierarchies and attach great importance to a regular exchange with our employees. We believe in the power of each individual to make valuable contributions, irrespective of their position in the company. This is why we create an environment where ideas can flow freely and everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Our flat hierarchies enable us to react to changes and take decisions promptly and flexibly. Each employee is an important part of our team and contributes to the success of our company.

Fairness und Respect Fairness und Respect Fairness und Respect
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3. The focus is on the employee

We always lend an open ear to our employees and jointly work out solutions! We bear the responsibility for their well-being. Our employees are our most precious asset and we take pride in creating a work environment where they feel valued and supported. Their ideas, their commitment and their passion are the motor of our success and motivate us every day to become even better.

4. Pleasant work atmosphere

At Feige FILLING, we set great store by creating a pleasant work atmosphere in which all our employees feel at ease and are able to unfold their full potential. We believe that a positive work environment does not only contribute towards increasing the satisfaction and motivation of our employees, but also promotes the competitiveness and success of the entire company. This is something that our long-time and always satisfied employees can confirm.

Career_World Women Day 2024 Career_World Women Day 2024 Career_World Women Day 2024
Independent work Independent work Independent work

5. Autonomous working

Responsibility and trust are the basis for independent working. We attach great importance to responsibility and trust as basis for independent working. We believe that our employees work best when they enjoy the trust and the freedom to take autonomous decisions and to create projects independently.

6. Haver Academy

You too can benefit from the opportunities for qualification and advanced training offered by the advanced training platform of our parent company. This platform aims at offering you customised and need-oriented advanced training opportunities that are tailored to your personal goals and interests. Irrespective whether you want to deepen your technical know-how, learn new skills or further your professional development – we support you in achieving your goals and promoting your career.

Haver Academy Haver Academy Haver Academy
Realization of ideas Realization of ideas Realization of ideas

7. Implementing ideas

Develop and implement your ideas in a team. We are convinced that the best ideas are often a team effort. The exchange of different perspectives and experiences creates innovative solutions that help us to overcome challenges and break new ground. We create an environment where ideas can be freely exchanged and discussed and where every individual is given the chance to voice their opinion and make their contribution.

8. Excellent advanced training opportunities

We support our employees and their goals by offering them various advanced training opportunities. We are proud that we are a company that takes the advanced training and qualification of its employees seriously and supports them in tapping their full potential. By offering our employees the opportunity to advanced training, we invest in their future and contribute to them becoming motivated and committed employees.

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Varied activity Varied activity Varied activity

9. Diversified activity

Feige FILLING offers versatile fields of work in which you can engage. From production, research and development to sales, marketing and administration – we offer a wide range of fields of work that cover different interests and skills. Whether you are technically adept, love to work in a team or are passionate about attending to customers – at Feige FILLING you find a wide variety of opportunities to contribute your strengths and promote your career.

10. Trust

Our company is governed by an atmosphere of mutual appreciation, reliability and consistency. These values are deeply rooted in our corporate DNA and shape our day-to-day actions. They are the key to our success and help us to achieve our goals and to create long-term values. By placing our trust in our employees and offering them the freedom to act autonomously, we strengthen their self-confidence and promote their motivation and satisfaction.

Trust Trust Trust

We sustainably take on the social responsibility for our employees and have been doing so for more than 50 years - come and see for yourself!

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