Construction materials/paints and varnishes

In the world of construction materials, paints and varnishes we are met by a variety of challenges, from high viscosities and viscous products to low-viscosity solvents. Filling is done into pails or cans. Frequent product changes, avoiding product carry over and guaranteeing cleanliness are the central requirements we are dealing with in this area.

FEIGE packaging technology is characterised by short retooling times, automatic format changes and uncomplicated cleaning processes. We have also recognised the trend to PE bags and offer highly innovative solutions. With our product “LIFFS” we have integrated the technology of our parent company HAVER & BOECKER. The result: Highest filling output and optimum weight accuracy with pasty or liquid products in PE bags. Trust in solutions that drive your company forward by systematically supporting your processes.


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Automatic canister filler INTEGRA 605 Automatic canister filler INTEGRA 605 Automatic canister filler INTEGRA 605

Our solutions comprise

Climate protection and efficient use of resources

We support you in designing your production processes so that they make use of resources as efficiently as possible and at the same time meet the requirements of climate protection. We offer you:

  • Solutions that assist you in reducing your carbon footprint and acting sustainably.

We offer you:

  • Automated solutions that enable you to increase the productivity of your systems while achieving a high output at the same time.
  • Solutions catering to the diversity of the products and their properties to ensure that you can efficiently achieve your production targets.

We rely on digitisation and offer you:

  • Digital service flows to ensure efficient repair and maintenance of your systems. Our intelligent control concepts enable you to implement your tasks in an ideal manner and to benefit from cross-departmental data usage.

  • A modern, web-based HMI (Human-Machine Interface) that enables you to efficiently monitor, control and document your production processes. You can access important production data at any time and are thus able to ensure transparency along the entire production chain.

We offer you:

  • Solutions guaranteeing clean filling with high accuracy.
  • Solutions for a high filling output and fast product changes to minimise downtimes and maximise your productivity.

We attach importance to highest quality standards and offer you:

  • Solutions guaranteeing perfect product quality. Our machine components are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and Hastelloy and are designed to meet stringent hygiene and quality standards. Avoiding dead spaces makes cleaning easier and maximises product quality.

Your benefits

  • You optimise your filling processes and reduce your costs

  • You can flexibly adapt your capacities to demand

  • You achieve increased customer satisfaction

  • You achieve faster business growth

Which container do you use?

Depending on the container you use, we have the right machine for you.

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