Regular inspections and maintenance cycles bring a number of benefits

Our inspection and maintenance program serves to determine the state of our equipment. Following a visual inspection and function check, including assessment and fault identification, the equipment is serviced on the basis of an inspection protocol. If necessary, parts are replaced in consultation with you, the machine is lubricated, readjusted and accurately calibrated. In conclusion, you will receive your personal maintenance protocol from us. 

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  • Maximum system availability

  • High degree of reliability

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved quality

  • Long service life

  • Optimisation according to plan

Flexibility is our key to delivering best service. Sign your service agreement today and trust that your equipment will always be in its best condition – whenever you need us.
Anja Möller, Service Planning

Excellent service - tailored to your needs!

You are looking for a service agreement that is exactly tailored to your needs?

Why it makes sense to entrust our experts with your equipment’s maintenance:

  • Our Feige service technicians guarantee premium maintenance work.
  • We recognise potential defects early on before they are able to cause any greater issues.
  • Through regular maintenance we prevent consequential damage to your equipment.
  • You receive a detailed maintenance report for a comprehensive overview.
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Additional benefits of our service agreement:

  • Calculable flat rates for the maintenance
  • Special conditions for the maintenance compared to regular hourly rates
  • Special conditions for all other assignments, whether for malfunctions, repairs or calibrations
  • Costs are only charged pro rata if the time frame is not used 100%
  • Your production becomes easier to plan and more efficient
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Service Planning
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