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ELEMENTRA® 24, automatic pail filling machine with lid placer

The ELEMENTRA® 24 is the central component of a filling line. Various accessories combined with extensive conveyor systems help increasing its economy and efficiency.

The new FEIGE web HMI with touch screen offers an intuitive design for high operating comfort. This FEIGE equipment version is particularly efficient, with pneumatically driven components being designed electrically, thus saving cost-intensive compressed air.

Product sheet ELEMENTRA 24


Special offer for exhibition machinery

EUR 82,000.00 FCA Bad Oldesloe

ELEMENTRA® 29, automatic drum filling, special edition for high viscous products

The servo technology of the ELEMENTRA® 29 (FEIGE e-Power) makes it possible to adapt the entire lifting process during filling to the respective product via control-related parameters.
Thanks to extensive peripherals, the semi-automatic system meets the special requirements of the filling products and the respective environment.

The new touch panel including the FEIGE web HMI offers an intuitive design for high operating comfort.

Product sheet for ELEMENTRA 29

Special offer for exhibition machinery

EUR 95,000.00 FCA Bad Oldesloe