This is how system design is done today:

Innovative factory and system design (FEIGE FACTORY DESIGN)

You want to be able to look at your new equipment inside your production hall even before it is implemented? FEIGE FACTORY DESIGN enables you to do so. With an accurate photo-realistic visualisation program, you can marvel at your future equipment already before it is installed. To make this possible, the planned equipment is adapted to the intended environment. Particularities inside the hall, e.g. old equipment with subsequent extensions and conversions is recorded by means of a 3D laser scan and taken into consideration.

This new method saves time and costs. Planning becomes clearly simpler and faster. Disruptive ambient conditions are already given consideration during the tendering stage. Tedious drawing work or on-site actions have become superfluous. The accurate and realistic pre-visualisation offers you the perfect foundation for a decision.