Tailor-made filling solutions for the food industry

Due to their different consistency, concentrated fruit juices, jams, cocoa mass, tomato sauce or glucose have special requirements on the filling process. The containers used are mostly pails, but it is also possible that cans are used and they require a just as varied handling as there are many types and designs. The pails must be destacked, safely transported, filled in a non-drip manner and sometimes even filled with hot materials. To finish the process, the lid is automatically put on. Whether round, square or oval – we understand your industry’s challenges. Our solutions support your entire filling process, from raw material infeed to filling and the logistics.

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Our solutions comprise:

Food safety and quality

Guaranteeing food safety and quality is accorded the highest priority. We offer you:

  • Solutions that meet stringent hygiene and quality standards. With the selection of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and Hastelloy and a constructive implementation we ensure that your products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Precise filling and traceability

We know that accuracy during filling and the traceability of the production chain are of crucial importance. We offer you:

  • The possibility of accurately and reliably filling products of varied consistency, even products containing a solids content such as jam, cocoa mass or concentrated fruit juices.
  • The possibility of achieving transparency and traceability along the entire production chain.

Flexible filling solutions

Customers’ requirements are subject to constant flux and our filling solutions adapt to these changes. Whether you are dealing with new product versions, changed packaging requirements or other adaptations - we offer you:

  • Solutions that adapt to your needs and offer you the flexibility you require to stay competitive.

Your benefits

  • You enjoy shorter filling and logistics times.

  • You are filling much faster and your customers are more satisfied.

  • You gain greater added value thanks to automation.

  • You reduce your costs for filling and logistics.

  • You achieve greater profits/an improved operating result.

Which container do you use?

Depending on the container you use, we have the right machine for you.

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