Excellent perspectives

Each and every piece of filling equipment from Feige FILLING is designed and produced with the highest degree of precision and diligence to not only meet but surpass our customer's high standards again and again. We are not open to compromise. Using filling equipment produced by Feige FILLING means that you obtain highest quality and reliability for your enterprise.

We have many years of experience in development and manufacture. From our long-term relations with our customers we know the kind of equipment they require and how this equipment needs to be manufactured to meet their high demands.

Comprehensive investigations and tests guarantee that you obtain equipment of superior quality and with a long service life. 


  • In more than 40 years, we have gathered a wealth of experience!
  • We have installed more than 4200 machines worldwide!
  • We are part of a family and closely interleaved with our parent company!
  • We offer a comprehensive global service concept!
  • We will create a matching solution for you too!