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Exhibits "THE NEW ELEMENTRAS" immediately available!

Thrilled - the new efficient ELEMENTRAS 

With three ELEMENTRA models, Feige FILLING introduced visitors to a representative mix of its semi-automatic product series at the Interpack 2023:

  • ELEMENTRA 16, a pre-configured pivoting pallet filling station with second scale base for small containers, in mobile design and of particular flexibility, offers even more extension options with the new, enlarged control cabinets. With the second scale base it is possible to use a machine to fill additional container types
  • ELEMENTRA 24, a highly versatile pail filling station, is presented with a lid presser. It constitutes the central element of a filling line, the efficiency of which can still be increased by numerous supplements and comprehensive conveyor systems.
  • ELEMENTRA 29 is presented as drum filler model for highly viscous media. The innovative equipment version Servotechnik FEIGE ePower permits an adaptation of the entire lifting process to the respective product, thus preventing the formation of bubbles.

You need the latest filling technology at short notice - our exhibits are immediately at your disposal!

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