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Easter 2021

Now, this is the second Easter, which we are forced to spend in a lockdown, caused by the Corona pandemic. Who did expect this to happen last years Easter? None of us, right?

However, fact is: in an unprecedented short time, the pharmaceutical industry has managed to develop a vaccine and thanks to an emergency approval, we can be vaccinated much earlier than assumed.

So – cheer up – next years Easter we will be back to family and friends gatherings as we are used to.

Then we will be allowed to visit you again, dear business partner. And we are already looking forward to it.

Can filling station ELEMENTRA®14

2 x ELEMENTRA® 14/ 14x stainless steel execution, mobile

We can offer you an immediate solution if you need a filling station at short notice and at low cost. Both filling semi automatic stations are suitable for the automatic and calibarated filling of canisters from 2,5 - 60 kg. The ATEX version is especially designed for critical products.  

A quick installation and simple operation guarantees a prompt commissioning. 


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IBC capper

Just take the manual FEIGE capper for a safe and clean screwing of your IBC screw caps.

You can be sure that the ergonomically designed two-hand operation will please every user. The frame will simply be installed on the floor and  the tool mounted spring balanced on a rail and can easily be moved to the required working position. An ideal addition to your FEIGE filling line. Suitable for a wide variety of IBC screw caps. And of course also available in ATEX design.

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