Pail filling

No matter from which product line you choose your filling machine: Feige makes no difference in quality referring to filling valves, filling accuracy and filling speed. The same components are used in all lines.

Pail filler ELEMENTRA® 4

Pail filling station ELEMENTRA® 14

With the pail filling station ELEMENTRA® 14  additional requirements can be fulfilled:

  • Driven conveyor system with up to 3 drive units
  • Analogue control of your product pump
  • Below-surface or partial below-surface filling
  • Stainless steel design
  • Advanced protection against highly corrosive products
  • Standard stainless steel load cells
  • Additional overflow signal
  • Nitrogen purging Administration of 255 filling parameter sets 
  • Fully wired on delivery

We recommend calling in our Service Center for connecting the drive units, for commissioning and verification. The pail filling station ELEMENTRA® 14  is largely pre-configured.


Pail filling equipment ELEMENTRA® 24

Pail filling equipment ELEMENTRA® 24

With the pail filling equipment ELEMENTRA® 24  further and more complex requirements can be fulfilled:

  • Extensive conveyor systems with accessories
  • Interface to process control system
  • Further adaptations according to your requirements 

We recommend calling in our Service Center for installation on site, commissioning and verification.