For everybody's safety: Clothing and training of our service technicians

Those who use filling equipment from Feige FILLING often have to deal with hazardous substances – mainly in the petrochemical industry or in hazardous areas. Thus, occupational safety is a key aspect for us, in particular in terms of the working clothes of our service technicians.

The demands on jackets, trousers and other clothes are steadily growing in this area. That's why we are continuously improving the design of our clothes. Our technicians are provided with:

  • Protective clothing against heat
  • Protective clothing against thermal arc hazards
  • Protective clothing with electrostatic properties
  • Protective clothing for welding
  • Protective clothing against liquid chemicals
  • High-visibility clothing 

Furthermore, all our service technicians are certified according to the SCC documents 018 and 017 and all of them are first-aiders. You can definitely relay on safety. That's for sure!