Pallet Filling Robot Type 71

Pallet Filling Robot Advanced Line Type 71
Pallet Filling Robot Advanced Line Type 71

Advanced Line type 71

You intend to automate your filling processes? Then you should take a closer look at the Advanced Line portal pallet filling robot type 71.

The pallets are moved with empty containers onto the scale base by means of carrying chain conveyors. A line scan camera scans the surface while the pallet is moved in. It automatically detects the positions of the filling openings and checks the position of the openings for plausibility.

Then the containers are opened, filled and closed and even sealed, if you so wish.

Your benefits - Advanced Line Typ 71

  • Fully automatic location of filling openings and dedicated positioning
  • No need for pre-aligned containers, for automatic earthing alignment as per visual judgement of the operator is enough
  • Reliable location even for dirty or labelled surfaces
  • Image correction after each filling process Automatic base height adjustment of the whole machine when changing to different container heights
  • Filling of several layers and incomplete pallets possible
  • Reliable avoiding of double fillings
  • Tare check, gross total check, flow rate control
  • Fill time monitoring
  • Below-surface filling with lance raise by weight
  • Touch panel as operating interface with integrated weigh scale terminal and monitoring
  • Connection to supervisory systems possible
  • ATEX compliant