Automatic pail filler INTEGRA® RF

Automatic pail filler INTEGRA® RF
Pail Filler type RF RapidFiller

Automatic pail filler INTEGRA® RF

The automatic pail filler INTEGRA® RF (RapidFiller) fills up to 1200 pails/h with pasty and pumpable liquids. The RapidFiller can be adjusted to your requirements in an optimum way. Combined with mixing, pumping and pail denesting or lid placing and closing as well palletising, the RapidFiller becomes a fully automatic packaging line.

All stations are operated via central touch panel. The pump product flow can be distributed by the weighing electronic to four filling units.

Parallel and continuous filling can be combined which enables to control four filling units with high output and constant product flow.

Your benefits – automatic pail filler INTEGRA® RF

  • Calibrated high speed filling even for finished packages
  • Steady and continuous product supply possible
  • No checkweigher required as for volumetric fillers
  • Higher accuracy compared to volumetric filling
  • Buffer tanks and appropriate cleaning can be omitted
  • Product line can be pigged
  • Compared to volumetric fillers, considerably lower cleaning work when changing the product