Automatic Pail Filling Machine type 408/410/413

Advanced Line type 408/410/413

For high-output filling of round, oval and rectangular pails with pasty, pumpable liquids, we have included the Advanced Line automatic pail filling machine type 410 in our range. All the stations are operated via the central Feige touch panel. The automatic filling unit 410 offers all the prerequisites for an optimum adaptation to your requirements.

Upstream processes, such as mixing and pumping, or downstream processes, such as palletising, are linked according to your ideas.

Your Benefits – Advanced Line type 408/410/413

  • Calibrated high speed filling even for finished packages
  • Continuous product supply possible
  • No buffer tank required
  • Product line can be cleaned using a pig
  • Extremely low cleaning work when products are changed
  • Pail stacks can be inserted at floor level
  • Even when the stacks are changed, the pails are supplied without interruption
  • Magazine can be upgraded to increase the stacking capacity
  • Lids are supplied without interruption, even when magazine is refilled
  • Lids are placed while the pails are moving
  • Flexible robot enables mechanically compact pail closing