IBC Filler Type 18

IBC filler Compact Line Type 18
IBC filler Compact Line Type 18

Compact Line type 18

Accelerate your filling processes with the pre-configured Compact Line IBC filling station type 18. The concept for this solution was developed from the demand for "plug and fill". Apart from the functions of gravimetric filling equipment, optional equipment accessories such as automatic or actuated drip collection, overflow signal, gas exhaust (also directly at the filling opening), inerting, a complementary product hose system and drain funnel are available to you. In addition, you can connect pallet roller conveyors or carrying chain conveyors with up to three drive units, depending on your requirements.

Your benefits – Compact Line type 18

  • Very cost-effective solution as the whole control and operating modules are directly at the filling station
  • Short delivery time due to pre-configured solutions
  • Sturdy column construction
  • Quick installation
  • Simple operation
  • Below-surface filling with lance raise by weight, below-bunghole filling or above-surface filling
  • 255 filling parameters for different products can be generated
  • Control of customer’s product pump or pilot valve is included
  • Fully electro-mechanical scale base with stainless steel load cells
  • Up to 3 drive units can be controlled
  • Also available with flip open pit scale
  • Appropriate product hose with dedicated suspension available
  • Also available in stainless steel design
  • Also available as mobile version