IBC filling

No matter from which product line you choose your filling machine: Feige makes no difference in quality referring to filling valves, filling accuracy and filling speed. The same components are used in all lines.

Slim Line type 8 - Favourably priced IBC filling, featuring all the main functions of gravimetric filling equipment in familiar Feige quality.

SlimLine type 8

If you focus on the filling process which of course must fulfil the legal requirements and you use a fork lift truck or a hand pallet truck for placing the IBC onto the weigh scale select the SlimLine.

  • Most attractive price
  • Shortest delivery time
  • "plug and fill" on delivery

After official verification you can directly start.

New! You can configure your specific SlimLine filler online by yourself. Afterwards, you will receive the respective quotation by email.


Compact Line type 18 - Pre-configured compact IBC filling station for gravimetric filling and designed as extremely cost-efficient solution.

CompactLine type 18

With the CompactLine additional requirements can be fulfilled:

  • Driven conveyor system with up to 3 drive units
  • Flip-open pit scale
  • Stainless steel design
  • Advanced protection against highly corrosive products
  • Standard stainless steel load cells
  • Additional overflow signal
  • Nitrogen purging
  • Administration of 255 filling parameter sets (9 for SlimLine)
  • Fully wired on delivery

We recommend calling in our Service Center for connecting the drive units, for commissioning and verification.
The CompactLine is largely pre-configured and its price and delivery time is between SlimLine and AdvancedLine.


Advanced Line type 28 - The IBC filling equipment constitutes the central component of a filling line with comprehensive conveyor system and additional peripherals.

AdvancedLine type 28

With the AdvancedLine further and more complex requirements can be fulfilled:

  • Extensive conveyor systems with accessories
  • Differences in IBC heights of more than 800mm
  • Level controlled upward movement
  • Interface to process control system
  • Further adaptations according to your requirements 

We recommend calling in our Service Center for installation on site, commissioning and verification.