IBC Filling Equipment ELEMENTRA® 28


IBC Filling Equipment ELEMENTRA® 28

You can use the IBC filling equipment ELEMENTRA® 28 as central component of a filling line with comprehensive conveyor system and additional peripherals. The ELEMENTRA® 28 is the first choice if you opt for a favourably priced system consisting of standard components, sub-assemblies and control concepts and simultaneously wish to make use of customised engineering to meet your individual requirements.

You use all the components and accessories in familiar FEIGE quality and are free to upgrade the equipment according to your ideas at any time.

Your benefits – IBC Filling Equipment ELEMENTRA® 28

  • Sturdy column construction
  • Below-surface filling with lance raise by weight, below-bunghole filling or above-surface filling
  • 255 filling parameters for different products can be generated
  • Control of customer’s product pump or pilot valve is included
  • Fully electro-mechanical scale base with stainless steel load cells
  • Any number of drive units can be controlled
  • Also available with flip open pit scale
  • Appropriate product hose with dedicated suspension available
  • Also available in stainless steel design