Drum Filler Type 33

Drum filler Compact Line type 33
Drum filler Compact Line type 33

Compact Line type 33

The Compact Line drum filler type 33 is equipped with three parallel working stations.

With this type of equipment, you can reach an increase in output of up to 110 drums per hour.

The drums are conveyed through the machine and fed to the work stations in single cycle mode by means of a chain conveyor.
In the first station, the drums are positioned and opened, while other drums are simultaneously being filled in the filling station and closed in the closing station.

To increase the output, it is possible to install a second filling station instead of the closing station. In this case, closing is done manually.

Your benefits - Compact Line Type 33

  • Compact ready-to-use machine which can control one roller conveyor each in the in-feed and out-feed area
  • Stainless steel and acid protection design available
  • Touch panel as operating interface with integrated weigh scale terminal and monitoring
  • 255 product files
  • Tare check, flow rate control, fill time monitoring
  • Below-surface filling with lance raise by weight
  • Product hose with direct filling valve connection
  • ATEX design possible