Automatic Drum Filler Type 81

Automatic drum filler Advanced Line type 81
Automatic drum filler Advanced Line type 81

Advanced Line type 81

The Advanced Line drum filler type 81 for the fully automatic and calibrated filling of bunghole drums. It is characterised by a variety of functions, which will certainly be able to meet all your demands.

The empty drums are conveyed into the machine by means of a continuous roller conveyor, are then one after the other automatically positioned in working position, de-bunged, filled, closed and finally removed.

Subsequent to the filling operation, it is possible to integrate upstream and downstream sub-assemblies and the required conveyor technology into the equipment.

Your benefits - Advanced Line type 81

  • Automatic and monitored opening, closing and sealing of standard closures
  • With appropriate accessories suitable for filling of 50 l to 230 l ISO steel drums and ISO plastics drums
  • Filling cabin can be designed as closed protective cabin with lock gates
  • Stainless steel and acid protection design available
  • Can be extended to a complete filling line with dedicated conveyor technology and other peripheral components
  • Connection to supervisory systems possible
  • Touch panel as operating interface with integrated weigh scale terminal and monitoring
  • 255 product files, even upgradeable
  • Tare check, flow rate control, fill time monitoring
  • Below-surface filling with lance raise by weight
  • Product hose with direct filling valve connection
  • ATEX design possible