Can Filling Equipment type 64

Compact Line type 64

If you want to use a compact, highly integrated and high-performance automatic filling unit with a small footprint, then the Compact Line can filler type 64 is the right choice for you. The conveyor system is preferably assembled in U-shape to enable an ergonomic operation by one operator. Starting at one location, empty cans and caps or push-in plugs are fed, while the closed cans that have been filled with calibrated accuracy are subsequently palletised.

To increase the output, you can supplement the automatic filling unit at any time with a can station, cap or plug sorting pot or by a palletising aid or palletising robot.

Your benefits – Compact Line type 64

  • Very cost-effective solution as the whole control and operating modules are directly at the filling machine
  • Sturdy base construction with levelling feet
  • Simple installation
  • Simple operation with touch panel and integrated weigh scale display
  • 255 filling parameters for different products can be generated
  • Control of customer’s product pump or pilot valve is included
  • Standard design with 2 weighing ranges
  • Standard Single-Point load cell made of stainless steel
  • No checkweigher required for finished packages
  • Appropriate product hose available
  • Also available in stainless steel design
  • Easily upgradable for higher output or automation degree
  • 2nd filling place can either be used with pre- and final filling to increase the output or as an alternative, be operated for quicker batch or product change