Automatic Can Filling Equipment type 605

Automatic Can Filling Equipment Advanced Line Type 605
Automatic Can Filling Equipment Advanced Line Type 605

Advanced Line type 605

For filling cans in below-surface or below-bunghole mode you can make use of the Advanced Line automatic can filler type 605.

Type 605 is able to optimally adapt to your upstream and downstream processes, such as pump actuation, empty can storage, labelling and palletising.

Fully equipped, the 605 consists of the integrated work stations positioning, opening, pre- and final filling and closing. You specify whether the cans are fed open, with screw cap or with dust cap and whether they are closed with a push-in plug or a screw cap after filling.

Your benefits – Advanced Line type 605

  • Calibrated high speed filling even for finished packages
  • The filler is operated via touch panel with integrated weigh scale terminal
  • All container and filling parameters can centrally be set and the operation of the filler can be monitored
  • 255 product data records can be stored
  • Cyclic monitoring of the filling unit, e.g. mis-alignment protection, tare and tolerance checks, monitoring of product flow and fill time
  • Integrated push-bar conveyor transporting the cans in double cycled operation exactly below the working stations
  • Communication and data exchange with customer’s supervisory system optional
  • ATEX compliant