The new FEIGE WEB HMI. Platform-spanning and high-performance

You want a simple and efficient operating atmosphere between operator and machine? With the new FEIGE WEB HMI, we offer the most modern form of HMIs. Multi-touch, intuitive design, recipe management, optimized help system.

The decisive factor was the customer's demand for a modern user interface. Here, a strong change has taken place in recent years. Web technologies enable visualizations that meet all requirements. As a user, you expect mobile access to your applications, gesture control and multi-touch.

The new FEIGE WEB HMI enables quick orientation thanks to its intuitive design. The more efficient interaction reduces the need for training. Forget about long training periods - the improved operability optimizes the productivity of your personnel to a high degree.

The completely new recipe management with grouped parameters provides a better overview. We have also revised and optimized our help concept. For example, alarm help texts have been enhanced with images, videos and a comment function. Optionally, a logbook can be set up for quick analysis of errors.

Overall, the new FEIGE WEB HMI offers you a comfortable benefit with concentrated state-of-the-art technology:

  • Multi-touch
  • PDF display of documentation
  • Order and recipe management
  •  Condition monitoring
  •  3D Ready for the digital twin
  •  ...and many more


Any questions? We will be pleased to help you.

Contact person:

Jan Mauff, Dipl.-Ing.

Phone: +49 4531 8909 427