The FEIGE box pallet – ensures that the proper tool is available on site at all times

The best assistant in your everyday work: The new FEIGE Gitty Toolbox holds all the tools you may need for the installation, maintenance and repair of your equipment. Benefit from the many advantages and the cost and time savings!

The FEIGE Gitty Toolbox has been developed to offer our customers even faster, more convenient and cost-efficient service. When you are ready to install/mount your equipment, all tools you may need are already available on site. After commissioning, the copiously equipped Toolbox remains with your equipment so that you have the appropriate tool at hand at any time to do simple repairs yourself. If you need a technician urgently, all the tools he may need will already be on site.

For FEIGE customers outside of Europe, there are additional advantages: They save on excess baggage charges because the technician does not have to bring the heavy toolbox on the plane - the tools are already present at the destination. In addition, there are no import transactions, which can be quite tedious in some countries.

The Gitty Toolbox is easy to relocate to another site. An exclusive FEIGE product, it is available at an attractive price – for example, when you install a new equipment. Obviously, the Toolbox will be your property and remain in your company.


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