'SADARA – Adventure in the desert' – a construction site diary! Part II

The second part of the construction site diary will be told in the form of pictures.

What happened in the meantime? As obvious, FEIGE further progressed with the installation works of their filling lines. Thankfully, fighting the masses of sand has become less, since meanwhile the filling hall has been completed to a closed building

Absolutely impressing the overall appearance of the entire site: The enormous dimensions reflect the size and the future performance of the petrochemical plant. Setting up 26 production facilities in only one phase of construction, makes one believe that they are ‘shooting up like mushrooms’!

This year, from January until 6th of June (Ramadan) FEIGE has been on site with 2 colleagues, a service technician and a control engineer. At the same time other technicians were busily erecting the palletizing robots and the labelers. Presently FEIGE experts are at the stage of testing, controlling and checking functionalities. Single components will become operational or may need a mechanical reworking. As to be seen in the photos FEIGE staff already advises the future operators and familiarizes them with the technology.

For sure, after the end of Ramadan (end of July) FEIGE will again be on site as a collective force. A team comprising three people and two robot specialists will prepare the preliminary acceptance of the filling lines. During the month of December staff training is scheduled to kick off operation of the first filling system in January.

In the third and last part of our construction site diary we will report in detail about commissioning and handover to the customer, SADARA! 

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