QUAT²RO® Monitoring – and everything is under control!

The potential for success inherent in an overall process optimisation is based on several factors. One of these is the implementation of a detailed as-is analysis of existing processes and structures to create a secure basis for downstream process optimisation.

Thanks to QUAT²RO® Monitoring, you can now query/monitor your filling process from anywhere at any time. The potential offered by an overall process optimisation is based on a detailed as-is analysis of existing processes and structures. This is supported by our digital range of services (portfolio), which includes QUAT²RO® Monitoring. Many kinds of information and data pertaining to the filling equipment are collected and made available in real time in a web-based manner. Thus, both the customer and FEIGE can have access to the filling process completely independent of their location and in a transparent manner with the objective of making production more streamlined and effective.

QUAT²RO® Monitoring offers a complete overview of your machine's production sequence:

  • Real-time data on the dashboard
  • Plannable machine maintenance
  • Customised report generation
  • Push notification system
  • Interface to the service team

Operating states can be retrieved from anywhere and at any time. For instance, the operator receives early notifications about maintenance intervals for different sub-assemblies and components and regarding the wear of spare parts. If you are operating several FEIGE systems, you can retrieve the data of all your machines and factories from one portal. All statements and reports can be customised and sent automatically. Thanks to the push notification system, you will not miss any alarm messages and the interface to the service team provides you with a direct contact to the expert, which also makes it possible to generate service requests.

The advantages tell their own tale:

  • They increase your turnover and streamline your capacity utilisation
  • They recognise wear early on and can plan maintenance intervals based on the data
  • They monitor production in real time
  • They streamline your resource planning
  • They reduce CO2 emissions 

Make your systems transparent. With QUAT²RO® Monitoring you can keep an eye on your production from anywhere and at any time.

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