New Turnkey Order for the Filling of Additives in the United States of America

HAVER & BOECKER USA in partnership with Feige FILLING won a new major turnkey contract for filling of a variety of chemicals. At the end of this year, FEIGE will supply several automatic drum fillers, a semi-automatic pallet filler and a significant amount of conveyors, for a facility currently under construction in Ohio.

The regular FEIGE customer produces chemical additives that are used to produce transmission fluids. The additives are filled into the drums at temperature in excess of 120°C, therefore requiring over-pressure bunging which was a critical feature of the filling machines. The system also includes an empty drum accumulation area that holds over 700 drums, which consist of 5 different drum types. The accumulation area is integrated with a smart scanning system that reads the drum barcodes and stores the drum in the appropriate deployment line. 

Haver & Boecker USA and Feige will be responsible for the complete installation and commissioning of all of the supplied equipment. 

The project also incorporates two intelligent integration systems. The company uses SAP to communicate with the Feige fillers in order to keep control of inventory and production levels. The second system is DeltaV, which is used to control the entire line of valves and pumps throughout the plant. 

The customer also had another special requirement, in that they wanted all designs and layouts in 3D. Feige specializes in this process and was able to deliver the entire turnkey facility layout and machine drawings in a 3D format for the customer. 

The entire system consists of several hundred meters of conveyors, a drum accumulation area, three (3) each TYPE 86 Automatic Drum Fillers, one (1) TYPE 16 Semi-Automatic Pallet Filler and two (2) drum palletizers, along with specialized programming and integration to a superior system.