New pail denester for small batches

FEIGE developed the new pail denester suitable for an output of up to 600 pails/h according to the requirements of their customers requesting an application for the low or middle output range. The integrated belt conveyor guarantees a smooth extension of existing filling systems.

Pail stacks can either be supplied manually or by an additionally upgradable stacking magazine, which is applicable for round, square and oval pails with height of 100 mm to 400 mm and diameter from 140 mm to 360 mm.


  • The operator may refill a pre-aligned pail stack in the supply magazine while the out-feed station is working. The integrated security system will not release the magazine until the operator has finished his working steps.
  • For separating the bottommost pail the handles of the pails on top will be lifted in the combined separating and denesting unit. The bottommost pail is pulled off and placed on the conveyor line. A belt conveyor moves the pail to the downstream working station.
  • The pail stack in the out-feed station will be used up, afterwards the pail magazine moves to the refilling position. A new pail stack is transferred to the pail magazine which then moves back to the working position.

The FEIGE pail denester type E-600 is the “smaller brother“ of the proven type E-1200, a high-speed machine with an output of 1200 pails/h and especially suitable for the FEIGE high-speed automatic pail filler type Rapid Filler. With this step FEIGE puts an output-adapted version on the market, which covers the lower performance range and offers a further, attractive solution for the customer.