New Major Order for the filling of blown asphalt

Feige FILLING won a new major contract for filling blown asphalt. In the middle of next year, FEIGE will supply a large volume of special-execution drum filling and packaging equipment to a petrochemical refinery currently under construction in Karbala, Irak.

Having several years' experience with projects in Russia, FEIGE convinced the customer of their special know-how in this field.Here, many specific requirements and problems have to be taken into consideration to adjust the fully automated filling of blown asphalt in drums at temperatures of up to 210°C. The process engineering to be supplied by FEIGE also includes empty-drum storage stations, steel belt strapping stations, empty drum palletizers, drum and pallet conveyors, and identification systems.The order likewise comprises the connection to the control system. 

The new refinery in the province South Karbala is a project of the Irak Ministry for Oil Projects (SCOP). From mid-2016, more than 20 different production lines on an area of approx. 6 square kilometers will produce liquid gas, gas oil, petrol, kerosene, and asphalt.

The engineering, construction and sourcing for this major project was awarded to Hyundai Engineering & Construction, GS Engineering & Construction and SK Engineering & Construction, the partners in the joint venture HDGSK. The construction has already started.The installation of the FEIGE scope of delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2016.