Interpack 2017 - Optimized FEIGE drum bunging system with e-power

The FEIGE bunging system type FS-s that is based on servomotor technology offers maximum process reliability.

Time and again, the proper closing of drums is a key issue and not least also something we owe to the environment. For decades, Feige FILLING has been assuring the reliable and proper closing of containers after they have been filled with calibrated accuracy.
As a result of our customers' increasing quality requirements, the FEIGE engineers have once again improved this process and developed a forward-looking solution.

The FEIGE bunging system e-power type FS-s that is based on servomotor technology offers maximum process reliability.

The bunging of containers appears to be a simple, straight-forward process. However, a closer look at this process reveals the complexity of the technical demands. Different types of containers, varying container qualities, different process temperatures and in particular the major settling phenomena of the sealing systems turn this process into a difficult bunging task.

The newly developed drum bunging system Optimized FEIGE drum bunging system with e-power  has made it possible to counteract these influencing factors through the use of different bunging methods. Torque and rotation angle are monitored so that even missing plug seals and defective or damaged threads are detected in good time. The processed drum is then released accordingly as "OK" or "NOK".

Your advantages:

  • Thread and sealing ring tolerances are evened out
  • Rotation angle monitoring to detect damaged or missing sealing rings
  • A high repeat accuracy ensures a consistent bunging quality and high process reliability
  • The bunging head e-power can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements and is able to process a wide variety of closure systems and sealing ring materials
  • The bunging process is documented and can be tracked at any time (Industry 4.0)
  • The noise emission is far less than that of customary systems
  • Bunging head e-power operation is low-maintenance and low-wear
  • Central lubrication as is required for pneumatic systems can be dispensed with
  • The bunging head can also be used without difficulty in areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere