INSIDE VIEW automatic drum filler INTEGRA®86

While we have to stay in our offices or at home we came up with the idea to virtually invite YOU, as you cannot visit us, to our premises and workshop. This is the kick-off product presentation of the series "INSIDE VIEW".

The automatic drum filler INTEGRA 86® is suitable for the filling of drums and working with 6 working stations for an increased efficiency. The work processes are continuously monitored. For example, nominal torques for containers and closures are automatically checked. Also possible errors such as missing bunghole seals or wedged plugs are detected by the automatic drum filler. The introduced edition is upgraded by a track your plant system operated through a stylish touch panel. All bunging systems are electrically driven, FEIGE e-power. Overflow detection stops filling operatgion before maximum fill level is reached.

Inside view INTEGRA® 86

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