Information from the FEIGE Service Center:

Teleservice via analog modem will be discontinued shortly – FEIGE teleservice will continue to be available!

For many years, different types of TELESERVICE or REMOTE SERVICE have been among the most effective offers from our service portfolio.

As you may have read in the media, however, the network operator is now bowing out of the analog technology due to the technical development. To our regret, this means that we have to discontinue teleservice via analog modem at the beginning of this year.

We informed our customers personally of this development over the course of the last year. It goes without saying that FEIGE TELESERVICE will continue to be available to you via alternative VPN, GSM, or LTE connections. We provide the respective retrofit packages to ensure your customary direct contact with the Service Center.

We will gladly submit a quotation. Please send an inquiry to retrofits(at)feige(dot)com
Furthermore, please note that online checks can no longer be provided for systems with a Siemens S5 because of the new developments in control engineering; we recommend an upgrade for example to Siemens TIA.
To ask for a quotation, please write to retrofits(at)feige(dot)com