"Infobörse" for service technicians at Feige FILLING

In early January, the "Infobörse" took place in Bad Oldesloe, a multi-day event in the frame of the regular training sessions for service technicians. The company holds these events to keep the service quality permanently at today's high level while improving it further in terms of sustainable development – for "perfect flow" in all aspects.

At the January event, employed and freelance service technicians received updates on general topics such as using the Siemens TIA portal or the novel overflow alarm, and had the opportunity to gain detailed insights. The one-day audit on manufacturer's initial verification, for example, provided information on a key service feature which allows Feige Filling to offer a one-stop solution for commissioning, calibration, and Declaration of Conformity for scales. Furthermore, the annual safety training took place during the event. The accident statistics show the great success and importance of this training: For many years, the FEIGE service technicians have completed their world-wide assignments safely and free of accidents. By the way: Feige FILLING uses the "Safety Certificate for Contractors" (SCC) by default (VCA in the Netherlands).

The service technicians could also take part in information sessions on working in hazardous zones, and on the German Federal Water Act. Because most FEIGE filling systems are designed for use in sensitive hazardous zones, the company employs its own experts in this sector. Obviously, regular training and instruction for the service technicians working in hazardous zones is also a standard for FEIGE Filling. This is likewise true for handling substances hazardous to water: As soon as a filling system is commissioned, FEIGE Filling is subject to the regulations of the German Federal Water Act. The company is an approved specialist firm and partner of long standing of the Fachbetriebsgemeinschaft Maschinenbau (FGMA).

One of the highlights of the "Infobörse" was the one-day first aid seminar provided by the German Red Cross (DRK). In two groups, the participants were trained in life-saving first response measures and learned how to react in case of typical workplace injuries such as fractures and burns. For FEIGE Filling, these training events are of particular importance since the company is highly aware of its responsibility for the health of its employees and for the customers.

Even though some service technicians were on assignments abroad, for example in Saudi-Arabia, more than 25 employees and freelancers took part in the training event. Thus, they were the first to learn about the international "Infobörse" for all service technicians of the HAVER group scheduled for the second half of 2018. In future, it will be held every two years to give the participants detailed information about the FEIGE machinery; all employees will be invited to share their experience and give feedback on the FEIGE filling technology.