FEIGE mastering an exceptional load

These days, FEIGE‘s fully automatic drum filling machine type 88 is being installed and prepared for operation at Veembedrijf de Rijke, in Botlek-Rotterdam - after a spectacular loading procedure by means of a truck-mounted crane end of April in Bad Oldesloe.

Only 6 ½ months after order intake and kick off the automatic drum filler is now ready for its future tasks, the filling of chemicals, amine and TDI. However, the functioning of this type is specific: The automatic drum filling machine is designed with 8 cycles instead of the usual 6 cycles. The reason is a possible decrease in output due to nitrogen pre-filling. Thus, further two working stations were integrated to achieve the intended output of 120 drums/h.


A particular challenge to the FEIGE logistics specialists represented the loading of the compact machine. Coming with a weight of 6 t and a length of 8 m, a truck-mounted crane, handling the 1.5 m wide and 3 m high filler, became unavoidable to fit it onto the truck. Even the FEIGE staff was quite amazed how quick and professional the operators of the crane owning company Sönke Jordt managed to stow the high performance filling equipment. Not a common shipping for FEIGE!