With a premium location at the entrance in Hall 8, Stand A-020, Behn + Bates - the specialist for packing and filling technology in the food industry - is presenting itself along with its sister companies Feige Filling and Newtec Bag Palletizing.

Together these companies' technologies ensure the "perfect flow": from filling to palletizing and to digital production mapping and management system.

The motto of the exhibition stand is Zero Hunger. Behn + Bates, Newtec Bag Palletizing and Feige Filling support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular the ambition that by 2030 no human being should have to suffer from hunger and malnutrition. As specialists in the filling and packing of food, the companies see themselves as having a particular responsibility here.

ELEMENTRA – the perfect entry model

Feige Filling is presenting the ELEMENTRA 14 mobile semi-automatic package filling station. Cost-effective, quickly available and ready for immediate use, the ELEMENTRA 14 offers customers from the food and pharmaceutical industries all the advantages of an entry-level model. The station is set up energy-efficiently to the desired package height by an electric lifting unit. Highly viscous foodstuffs such as ketchup, jam or fats can be filled excellently with this design. But also thin-bodied products can also be packed by the corresponding filling unit without any problems. The ELEMENTRA is designed for package sizes of 1 kg to 60 kg. A special highlight is the new FEIGE WEB HMI. Gesture control and multi-touch await the user. The innovative design enables rapid orientation and reduces the need for training. Help texts are extended with pictures, videos and comment function. The ELEMENTRA 14 package filling station can be upgraded at any time, e.g. with an extensive conveyor system.