Curing product? No problem!

Curing products represent a great challenge to deal with in manufacturing processes, i.e. expensive downtimes with the associated high cleaning costs up to the replacement of system components may result. Furthermore, curing products represent a risk in terms of safety aspects if for example pumps are working against closed piping systems.

For minimising these risks, FEIGE uses a heating device for your curing product – and this even in fully automated filling processes. This heating device is intended to heat up the filling lance, thus protecting the upstream modules such as pumps and valves from damages caused by a curing product. The heating device is turned on along with the filling mode at the control panel. And it is as simple as that: After activation and presetting the required temperature at the touch panel, the lance heating device is moved in heating position under the filling unit. The filling lance can be lowered almost completely into the heating device and the environment surrounding the filling lance is kept to the preset temperature. During this process, container transport is automatically barred.

The FEIGE lance heating device includes a heating pipe with double jacket and internal electrical heating. You can determine the time and duration of the heating operation individually.

A drip scoop mounted on the lower end of the heating pipe reliably and safely catches any drips. In rest position, you can easily remove and empty this drip scoop.


And if you do not opt for a heating device included in automatic filling machines, we also offer lance heating devices combined with valve racks. This alternative is suitable when using several filling valves with lances.


Both variants of lance heating are designed for a temperature of +50°.