New with Feige FILLING: TOUCH & CHANGE – automatic function to transfer between product sizes

The high performance filling of round, oval and rectangular pails has become even more convenient and efficient: Feige FILLING offers the automatic pail filling machine type 408 from the INTEGRA series with fully automatic format change without additional form sets - suitable for different diameters, heights and filling weights. This makes the entire process much easier, faster and cost saving.

Once the operator has selected the required product data record at the central FEIGE touch panel the machine is automatically set to the new parameters. Thus, there is no need for manually resetting the machine or replacing form sets. Up to 255 product data records can be stored and later retrieved via simple push-button operation or via a control system.

The filling valve of the INTEGRA 408 can be automatically cleaned which is another advantage of the machine. This feature is supplied on customer request. The valve unit, mounted on a carriage, moves out of the machine and can be cleaned in a convenient manner before another product is filled on the machine.

The INTEGRA 408 is a high performance filling machine with continuous product feed and little cleaning effort. Even changing the pail stacks or refilling or feeding the lids to the machine is possible at any time, without interrupting the filling operation. Flexible robots ensure the safe closing of the pails before they are transferred to a downstream palletizer